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  • Therapy for Chronically Ill, and Disabled People

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    Does your chronic illness leave you feeling exhausted, and burnt out? Do you feel left out when you can’t partake in common, daily activities? Do you often feel isolated, yet also feel the need to hide your condition from others?

    A person’s well-being is reliant not just on their physical condition, but also on their mental health. While you may be physically struggling, please understand that you can grieve and process your emotions while learning to live with your illness.

    Life is Complex

    A chronic illness is never something we plan for. But we have symptoms, and our world spins around, and feels like it may not stop. I want to help you slow it down. 

    Things we were once able to do, we may no longer be able to. Plans we once made, we may no longer be able to keep. Our positive emotions are often replaced by negative ones like fear, stress, anger, shame, and low self-worth.

    Turn to Grief

    Therapy is a powerful way to face the challenges and subsequent negative emotions you are dealing with. By feeling our uncomfortable emotions, instead of stuffing them down inside of us, we can often turn our pain into a point of learning and creating an accessible space for ourselves.

    I specialize in helping people dealing with chronic illness navigate their inner world so they can not only survive their psychological and emotional challenges but create meaningful lives with intentional relationships, and accessible spaces. 

    By using EMDR, we will identify your grief, externalized ableism, and internalized ableism surrounding your chronic illness, understand the origins of any hurtful thought patterns, and create new and more comfortable habits.

    If you’d like to speak to someone and learn practical strategies to help you live your life by creating intentional experiences, please reach out to me.