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  • Welcome to my therapy practice, where I embrace the belief that healing is a deeply personal journey with no one-size-fits-all solution.

    I’m here to guide you in understanding and reshaping the emotions you store within your brain. With a strong educational foundation in neuroscience and social work, I’m equipped to help you unravel the intricacies of your mind and harness this knowledge for self-healing.

    As a disabled therapist, I intimately comprehend the integral role our bodies and brains play in our daily lives. I aim to leverage this understanding of the brain and therapeutic techniques to facilitate your healing journey, ensuring it’s as effective and comfortable as possible.

    As a therapist, I am certified in EMDR therapy and have received additional training in brainspotting, accelerated resolution therapy, structural dissociation, and emotion-focused therapy. These modalities are particularly effective in processing trauma and are considered bottom-up approaches to therapy. My experience and expertise in these techniques allow me to provide my clients with the guidance and tools they need to address their unique challenges and achieve greater emotional well-being.

    I approach each client with unwavering compassion and specialize in assisting individuals navigating the complexities of disability, chronic pain and illness, depression, grief, anxiety, and neurodiversity. My goal is to assist you in achieving your objectives. I firmly believe that by tailoring treatments to your unique needs and meeting you where you are emotionally, I can guide you toward healing and the comfort you seek.

    Join me on this path of self-discovery, growth, and compassionate support. Together, we’ll work towards the healing and comfort you deserve.